Kids Banned From Playing Outside

A housing association in Glastonbury have banned children from playing outside

The families have been threatened with eviction if they allow their children to play outside.

Bikes, scooters and skateboards have also been banned after residents complained the children on the estate were being too noisy while they were playing outside.

The only place children are now allowed to play in is a 20ft square communal area outside their flats.

One of the mothers on the estate, Rachel, told Good Morning Britain ”We had some complaints that the other residents didn’t like to see the children playing outside. There was some noise, I mean, we live on a housing estate, there are families here, but we were quite prepared to talk to them and compromise. We made sure the children came inside, they were not out late at night. We were trying to build a community feel amongst us all and I feel it has just been stamped on.”

Another mother, Sarah Raison said “Many of the children had been in tears over the ban and had all clubbed together to write a letter to their local MP. It’s made the children very sad and very angry. They’ve built good friendships and now they can’t play out with their friends. And for me as a parent, the area they are allowed to play in now is round the other side, and I am concerned for the safety of my four-year-old.”

The housing estate in Cottle Close, Glastonbury, Somerset is part-owned by Stonewater Housing Association.

A statement from them said: “We understand and sympathise with our residents’ desire to allow their children to play near their homes. But we need to be mindful of the safety and well-being of all users of the location. Under the planning consent for the scheme, there is a legally binding clause that states that the parking and access space must be kept clear of obstruction. A letter has been sent to all residents explaining the decision and advising that continued use of the area will be considered a breach of tenancy or lease. Eviction is always a last resort, but where tenancy agreements are breached, we have to explain that this is a potential repercussion.”

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