Kids comedy club at The Stand Newcastle

Kids comedy club at The Stand Newcastle

Looking for somewhere to take the kids while the weather is rubbish?

Then look no further than the kids comedy club at The Stand -Psst! It’s not just for kids, I was actually crying with laughter at one point!

I must admit, I didn’t even know this club existed until very recently but it seemed like the perfect place to visit with the kids while the weather is so miserable – there is nothing worse than being stuck in the house with 3 bored children!

My husband and I headed to The Stand and met up with family when we arrived, the kids sat front row and we went on the row behind them (hoping this meant we wouldn’t be singled out by the comedian).

There was a bar for drinks and snacks and you could also order food which is brought to you during the interval – the prices are actually really good.

We settled in our seat as the comedian Lee Kyle made his way on stage. All of the comedy was aimed at the kids so expect bad puns and silly jokes! Lee gets the kids involved in his set and brings them up onto the stage, my daughter loved this and was on the stage pretending to be a monster.

My husband and I were still unfortunate to be singled out by Lee, much to our children’s amusement!

There were two special guest comedians who had hilarious sets.

My children laughed from start to finish and there were prize give aways, a chance to talk to the comedians during the interval and the end of the show.

It costs £4 per person for the show and it’s on every second Sunday of the month.

I highly recommend you give it a try, it was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back… Neither can the children!

To find out more about the kids club and to book your tickets, click here…


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