Kids at risk from food poisoning from school lunch

Kids at risk from food poisoning from school lunch

Some school canteens have been branded ‘dirty’ in the recent findings

These findings scare me because you send you child to school and you expect them to have a delicious lunch cooked in an immaculate kitchen.

The Sun have exclusively told how some schools have scored low ratings after health chiefs visited school canteens.

Two primary schools and one pre-school canteen scored zero out of five.

Another 61 schools needed urgent or major improvements and 181 needed some attention.

Food safety expert Jenny Morris “Where hygiene standards are poor, food poisoning is more likely and young children are especially at risk, even if they are fit and healthy.

Sadly, sometimes food poisoning can be life altering and if you are a concerned parent check your school’s hygiene rating, through the Food Standards Agency website.”

Findings  were based on hygiene, cooking and building cleanliness in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron last night said: “How can the Government allow students to eat a meal in a kitchen that an inspector says it requires big improvements. It is frankly scandalous. If an adult would not eat there, how can we ask our children to? The Liberal Democrats in Government brought in universal infant free school meals because it raises educational attainment and it seems the Tories don’t seem to care.”

Luckily, the figures also show that more than 32,000 kitchens were rewarded with good or a very good rating.

I have just searched for my children’s school and I’m very pleased to say they scored 5 out of 5.

Check your child’s school hygiene rating here…

See the full story at The Sun here…

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