Kids Toys From The 90’s Which Are Now Worth A Fortune

Kids Toys From The 90’s Which Are Now Worth A Fortune

So after I posted my article about the special edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby selling for £62,000 yesterday, I did some research and have discovered that Beanie Babies aren’t the only 90’s toys that are now worth a lot of money! I’m beginning to wish I’d of kept hold of my full collection since I used to have pretty much all of these! I should of furbylistened when people told me they would be worth something one day.
I’m sure most of you will of had a Furby back in the day! I had a love hate relationship with mine and it didn’t last very long in our household, however they are now selling on eBay for $500!  They are still bringing new versions of the Furby out to this day, but if you want top dollar then it’s all about the originals! They may not be worth as much as the Princess Diana Beanie Babies, but their value has definitely increased over time!

Another forgotten gem that has increased in value with age is Hit-Clips if anyone can remember these? These revolutionary downloading tools used to allow users to record their favourite music and audiohit clips clips from the radio to be played back onto this little speaker. The idea was that kids could take their favourite songs with them on the go! Although you were only allowed 120 seconds of audio, this little piece of technology was the first of its kind back in the day. These toys are selling on eBay in the US with the bids starting from $75! Considering you could pick these up for no more than a couple of quid when they first came out, and considering how far technology has actually come since then, I was shocked to find out this was a sought after old school toy!

Lust after by every single kid who watched Kevin McCallister use his in Home Alone 2. talk boyDespite the fact that they are a very simple cassette recorder with playback speed options, they’re going for $200 now so you might want to think about digging yours out of the loft!

The original Cabbage Patch Dolls are being sold in America on eBay with bids starting at $1,250! I never really understood to fuss with these rather strange looking dolls but 

cabbage patch kideveryone used to go mad for them, and even more so now apparently!

Did any of you have an original GameBoy? I used to love mine but I eventually upgraded to a Gameboy colour and then onwards and upwards to the Nintendo DS. Well they are now selling for $1,000 and the price is continuing to rise as time goes on! Did you have any of these old treasures? If so you might want to consider heading over to eBay! Or you could gameboyalways hang onto them and watch as the prices rise with time.


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