Do YOU Know About These Tesco Clubcard Benefits?

You can get so many benefits from a Tesco Clubcard! Not many people know that you can redeem your Clubcard points into vouchers or rewards, did you?

Using a Tesco Clubcard when you do your weekly shop means that not only are you stacking up those handy points, but every 3 months you’ll be sent vouchers based on the amount of points you’ve collected.
You can spend your vouchers with Tesco online, in store or even at the petrol pump!

If you want, you can make your vouchers go even further with Tesco Reward Partners. Here are just some of the fantastic deals available:

  • £10 to spend at Pizza Express (worth £2.50 in Clubcard Vouchers)
  • £15 to spend at Goldsmiths (worth £5 in Clubcard Vouchers)
  • Turn vouchers into cinema tickets at Cineworld and Odeon

…and so much more!

Using your Tesco Clubcard points like this is a great, easy way of getting the most out of your money. Just visit Tesco for your weekly shop, use your Clubcard, and start reaping the rewards!

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