La Redoute up to 70% off sale

La Redoute up to 70% off sale

have you shops La Redoute yet? If not then you need to.

Their prices are great during sales and the quality of the clothes are fantastic

My 9 year old son goes through trousers/tracksuit bottoms SOOOO quick! He is always putting holes in the knees because he is a typical boy but the pair of tracksuit bottoms I bought him during the last La Redoute sale seemed to last a lot longer than those I bought elsewhere.

I haven’t bought adult clothing from there but judging by comments on the posts in the past about La Redoute you guys seemed impressed by them so I’m guessing they’re pretty good.

I would advise to buy the next size up with their children’s clothing as they seem to be a bit on the small side.

Check out the homeware sale whilst you’re on the site, there are some lovely pieces.

Head to La Redoute now…

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