Would you leave a 10-month baby old home alone?

Mumsnet user causes a lively debate by saying she nips out to the shops when her baby is sleeping

A question posted on Mumsnet has sparked an angry debate with over 800 parents joining in.

User Dakin1 posed the question asking if you would leave a 10 month old baby, asleep in a regular daily nap, to go to a shop 50 metres away.

More than 800 parents have joined the discussion, many saying a definite ‘no’ and some citing the Madeline McCann case as a reason for their decision, while others named risk of fire as a major reason for never leaving a child unattended.

A surprising amount of people though have said that they would, and sometimes do, leave their babies sleeping while they pop out to the shops or take the dog for a quick walk. One user said ‘I just wouldn’t tell anybody about it…You’ve got to live. You’ve got to get stuff done. It’s a minuscule risk.’ She went on to say ‘Nothing wrong with it, more chance of a car accident driving up the road.’

During the conversation Dakin1 admitted she had left her baby daughter alone for 7 minutes and wanted to see what people thought. She even confessed that if a babysitter had done the same she would have been angry!

The law doesn’t specify at what age a child can be left alone – however those who do can be prosecuted for neglect and cruelty if the child is placed at risk.

What do you guys think? Would you ever leave your baby alone whilst you popped out to the shops? Let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

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  1. I remember one morning my partner was running late for work and needed me to withdraw money for him to get the bus, the atm is no more than 2 minutes away so we quickly went down to withdraw money and I went home straight after, I was gone maybe 5-6 minutes. When I got home, she was still asleep but I definitely agree, not a good idea cause you never know what will happen x

  2. Maybe take the dog for a quick walk?? Seriously?? Not a chance!! Its not hard to stick baba in a pram or sling even if they’d asleep or just wait until their up to do the things you need to leave the house to do. Without even the risk of fire, what if your baby was to start choking and you weren’t there to hear them. Just no!!

  3. No never ever what if the baby started to cough and was sick he/she could die, I would wait to take the dog for a walk when the baby is awake fresh air is also good for the baby. same with going to the shop. everyone always thinks nothing will happen to my child its only a small risk. but it does happen we read about it everyday and let me tell you IT COULD BE YOUR CHILD/REN.

  4. Never, I wouldnt even leave my 10 & 9 year old to waych my 8 month old while going to the shop, what if I were to be knocked down etc. Not worth the risk.

  5. No way would I leave my child alone asleep and go to the shop only takes her to roll over on her tummy and instant cot death or some body knocking or calling and waking the baby or the dog barking and waking the baby but that beside the point wouldn’t leave my child alone and leave the house no way !!

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