Lelli Kelly Sale

Grab a bargain in the Lelli Kelly sale

These shoes are pricey but so cute…

Would you pay full price for a pair of Lelli Kelly’s? I’m not sure I’d even pay the sale prices, they are still quite pricey!

However, my daughter Katie, loves Lelli Kelly’s and keeps asking me for a pair. A lot of her friends wear them and every time they are on TV adverts all I hear for the next hour is ‘But mam, I really love them and I promise I won’t run in them and get them dirty’

I am tempted to get her a pair but I’m not sure I can justify paying that much for a pair of shoes, are they worth the money? 

If you child is also really really wanting a pair, then now is the time to buy as there is a much welcome sale on them.

Click here to see the sale…

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