Lidl Brought Out Hot Crossed Bun Ice Cream & OMG It Looks Delicious

So over the winter weather now and are are now looking forward to Easter and the deliciously sweet treats it brings? Well if you’re a hot cross bun lover, you might be excited to hear about this latest creation…

Bargain supermarket lidl has just added hot crossed bun flavour ice cream to its freezers, and it sounds so delicious!

Lidl/ The Sun

The ice cream, which comes in a Ben & Jerry style tub, is made up of double cream and milk, and then has cinnamon sauce swirled in, and then raisins added in too.

Mmm our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

The tubs cost a very affordable £1.99 and can be picked up in stores now.

We think this quirky flavour is going to be seriously addictive!

Unfortunately, the treat does seem to be limited edition, so you’ll have to be quick and pick one up before they disappear!

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