Lidl Has Launched £1.50 Too Good To Waste Fruit & Veg Boxes

Lidl is on a mission to reduce levels of food waste whilst saving its shoppers more money

After finding that 10 million tonnes of food is wasted from the time it leaves a farm and 60% of it can be avoided, Lidl trialed a scheme for 6 months to make a change to its supermarkets.

The scheme entailed selling fruit and veg boxes that consisted of discolored, deteriorating groceries that could still be consumed.

As the scheme was well received, Lidl has begun running it across the UK to save even more food from waste and save us, money!

The £1.50 box contains around 5kg of fruit and veg from Lidl stores that have become either slightly damaged or discolored but are still perfect to eat.

Here at Ashleigh, we love this Good To Waste scheme for two reasons – it’s preventing food waste all while saving us lots of money on our grocery shop!

What do you think of this innovative idea? Will you be buying this Too Good To Waste box?

Image: The Grocer



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