Lidl Has Released A GIANT Pack Of Chicken Nuggets & We Need Them In Our Life

If you’re a self confessed chicken nugget addict and love nothing more than ordering a 20 box from Maccies, you’re going to go mad for this release from Lidl.

One of our fave bargain supermarkets Lidl have just revealed that they will soon be selling giant packs of chicken nugs!

You won’t even have to leave the house to enjoy a massive amount of your fave treat!

The mega 1kg box which comes in a classic breadcrumb coating will cost you just £3.99. An utter bargain we’d say!

You’ll be able to buy the packs in store from Thursday the 19th April, but only ’til stocks last.

So, if you fancy drowning in nugs next week, you’re gonna want to get down to your local Lidl, because if the other customers are anything like us, they’ll go mad for them!

Image: Lidl
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