Lidl Is Selling A HUGE 1.1kg Steak For An Amazing Price

Steak lovers, rejoice!

Lidl have released a huuuge 1.1kg steak, and it’s only £14.99 per kg!

Named the Cowboy Deluxe, this bone-in ribeye is an absolute steal for the price.

The supermarket have even claimed they’re the first ever to sell a steak of this size!

If you’re thinking that £14.99 sounds a bit pricey for Lidl, remember that this kind of cut of meat from a professional butchers would be almost £30.00.

The meat is dry aged on the bone for 14 days, then matured for 21 days after that.

Lidl have stated that the joint of meat is full of flavour, tender, and succulent.

“Our premium Deluxe steaks continue to be extremely popular with customers and we’re sure our Deluxe Cowboy will not disappoint.”


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