Lidl’s Own Brand Aperol is Back & It’s Half The Price Of The Real Thing

If you’re a big lover of the fruity drink Aperol, you may be pleased to know that Lidl’s highly popular bargain version is back!

The alcoholic drink which has been named ‘Bitterol’ by the supermarket is thought to be super similar in taste to the ‘real’ make.

The drink which contains orange and a mixture of herbs is priced at just £7.99, which is half the price of the original Aperol.

The drink was last released in-store last year, and it is thought that the bargain store sold one bottle every minute!

So it’s fair to assume they’re going to be super popular again this year!

If you fancy saving yourself £7, you’ll be able to find the bottles in-store from Thursday 28th June.

Image: Lidl
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