Lindt Has Released New Mint Lindor Chocolate’s & Here’s Where To Get Them…

If you adore mint confectionary, and just love the dreamy taste of Lindt chocolate’s, you’re going to want to try the brands tasty new release!

The luxury chocolatier has just announced that it is giving its classic Lindor chocolate’s a fresh, minty update, and we are excited!

The brands original range of chocolate’s consist of milk, white, dark, and hazelnut flavours, and though they’ve been around for a few years now, they’re still just as popular as they were on their release. So we think the mint versions are sure to go down a treat with fans.

We’re imagining they might taste like a super creamy, luxurious version of a mint aero, and we are HERE for it!

We don’t yet know the price of the new choccies, but the original flavours do cost around £4.99, so hopefully they won’t cost much more than that.

It’s thought that the Lindor boxes have been spotted in some Tesco supermarkets, but they aren’t yet available online, so hopefully they’ll hit stores more widely soon!

Sadly the new flavour is limited edition, so if you love Lindt, or know someone with a birthday coming up who would, you’d best shop them while you can!

We don’t know about you, but we think they’re going to go down a storm!

Image: Lindt/ The Sun


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