List Of Cheap Amazon Sellers

I keep getting asked a lot for a list of cheap Amazon sellers

** Update**

Sooooo many people have been asking for a list of 1p items that are for sale on Amazon so I wanted to let you all know, they are simply not worth it. The item may only cost between 1p – 10p but the delivery is usually a few pound which is covering the price of the item as well. You have to pay the delivery of each item too and it can end up costing you much more than the products and postage combined. Take Adelle’s photo, for example, she ordered 8 items totalling 46p and the postage came to £21.70 – not worth it!

8 items. Adelle

Stick with this Amazon cheap sellers list. It is the same items as the 1p list but they aren’t extortionately P&P priced. Yes, you will be paying about 50p more an item but usually, the postage is free or very little.

Original post

We all love a bargain and you can get plenty of them over on Amazon. However, there are certain sellers that are known for their cheap products which are actually pretty good quality. Yes, the products aren’t built to last years and years but you can get some really good items.

I’ve had some really good buys from these sellers over the years including scarves, costume jewellery, makeup brushes, knick knacks for the kitchen etc. It is well worth a browse and most sellers offer free delivery on their products.

Hopefully, this will help you get your hands on some bargains.

It is well worth checking out these lists if you are looking for party bag fillers. You can often get packs of 20 toys, bubbles, sticky tattoos etc for less than £1.50

Let me know what you manage to pick up at a great price 🙂

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