Little Angels ‘Miracle Product’ From ASDA

ASDA’s Little Angels Vapour Bath has been making waves at bath time for all the right reasons!

The product is being praised for its amazing ability to help even the most troublesome of tiny ones get a full nights sleep.

The mild and gentle formula is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paraben free, making it perfect and safe for your little angels!

The reviews are almost all outstanding on the product website, with one review stating that “…I brought this for my 7 week old daughter, since birth she hasn’t had a full nights sleep …but after having a bath with Asda’s little Angels menthol bubble bath She slept a full nights sleep…9.5 hours…”

baby bubble bath


If that isn’t enough of a testimonial for you, this lovely, soothing bubble bath also has a huge amount of support from adults, with one reviewer saying “…I bought this for myself as a 45 year man old with manflu ! It’s amazing…”

Well… if ASDA has managed to bring out a product that gets newborn babies to sleep through the night AND cure man flu, I think they might be on to a winner.

Get this miracle product here!

Will you be using it to help a little baby sleep, or a big baby get over his sniffles? Let us know!

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