Little Big Butterfly

Little Big Butterfly

I have some pretty exciting news to tell you all…

I have been crazy busy lately as usual. These past few weeks we have been continuing the hard work we do on Ashleigh Money Saver as well as setting up Ashleigh Plus Size and Ashleigh Kids which are our two new additions to the ‘Ashleigh’ brand. Not only that, we have just got a puppy which is A LOT harder work than I first thought, like how do you even begin with training a crazy hyper dog?!
Anyway, back to the exciting news…

This happened just over a week ago but as I said, I have been super busy and this is the first chance I have had to write about it and let you all know…

I am now patron of Little Big Butterfly.

Little Big Butterfly is a creative not for profit organisation based in Newcastle.
They work with children, young people, and vulnerable adults using drama, film and creative arts to help them reach their full potential. 
For some of the participants they help, they come to their workshops and projects because they’re interested in creative arts. For others, it can be because they come from a troubled background and they want to boost their confidence and get their life back on track.
One of the projects Little Big Butterfly does is the ‘Young Women’s Film Academy’ which sees the young women write, perform and film their own short film under the guidance of an all-female film crew. 
The most recent fabulous film is called ‘Chloe‘ and was made with Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project, it’s about courage and teenage pregnancy, you can watch it here.
Little Big Butterfly also offer some great training which you may find useful, from Mindful Assertiveness that teaches you how you to be more confident with yourself and your decision making (which I have done and is great) to a course for separated parents to help them work together for the sake of the child
I will be working alongside Little Big Butterfly to help spread the word of the fantastic work they do and hopefully inspire some of their young people.
As many of you know from past posts I have written I suffered from anorexia, bulimia and was a teenage parent.
I also suffered at the hands of domestic violence, I first spoke about this publicly when I posted about it on my website, you can see the post here.
I had got my life back on track when I was made redundant a few year ago. I didn’t want this to hold me back and I picked myself up, dusted myself off and created an award winning business.
I want to show other young people that they have potential for the future no matter what has happened in the past and I am hoping to use my experience to do that.
I will be posting a lot more about Little Big Butterfly over the coming months so please keep coming back and seeing if you can help or get involved in any way.

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