Loophole for getting out of your parking fines?

Loophole for getting out of your parking fines?

There has been a change to parking policies which means Canterbury Council have now been forced to refund hundreds of parking fines to motorists.

A tribunal has now ruled that if motorists parking tickets have fallen over then their appeals cannot be rejected. As a result hundreds of motorists will be getting their fines back.

The council is now urging drivers to appeal fines issued since February this year if you were fined because your ticket had flipped over, saying there is a good chance you’ll get your money back. 


Founder of free customer complaint service James Walker told The Mirror: ‘Canterbury City Council’s decision to change its policy on fines for flipped-over parking tickets shows how important it is to challenge a parking fine if you think it has been handed out unfairly.If you can prove that you did have a valid parking ticket, or – if you didn’t pay but should have – that there was a valid reason you didn’t display a ticket, you should always raise an appeal with the issuing authority.’

There are many other reasons a parking fine may not be legal and you can appeal.

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