Is the Lotto one big scam? These winners think so!

Is the Lotto one big scam? These winners think so!

Have you ever been confused about the way the Lotto actually works? Well if so then you certainly aren’t the only one! Lotto players have been left puzzled and quite frankly outraged after seeing last night that the prize money for just three balls was higher than the amount for five balls.

If customers matched 5 balls they would have received £15. Yet the prize for matching just three balls was £25.

The prize for matching four balls was even double the amount of what you would have gotten for five balls at £51. How does that work?

As you can imagine, angered players are now refusing to take part in the game anymore as they think it’s huge scam and are even describing it as ‘daylight robbery’.

Alistair Knox told The Sun: “I went to check my lottery numbers and was absolutely amazed to find that 5 numbers paid out £15 and matching 4 or 3 numbers the payout was more. It’s a disgrace.”

Players pay £2 for a ticket to be in with a chance of winning, but since the new changes have come into practice, I have heard from plenty of unhappy customers. The changes were made last October and were said to be raising customers chances of winning to a one in 45 million chance from one in 14 million. Obviously this makes the chances of a big win much more improbable.


Also, under the changes to the rules, players who match two numbers will win a Lucky Dip ticket for a future draw which Camelot have said this will create an “extra 1.8 million winners each week!”

Players are even threatening to boycott the Camelot company after more balls were added making it harder for them to win.

CLICK HERE to read more about the lotto changes that have been made.

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