Love It Or Hate It? Asda Is Selling Marmite Flavoured Easter Eggs!

In a country full of divided opinions on marmite, Asda has launched a marmite Easter Egg.

Have your egg and eat it. This Marmite-flavoured chocolate egg is sure to spark debate across the nation with Marmite, the savoury spread company, insisting that you “have to try it”.

The egg will set you back £3, which is available both online and in-store at Asda whilst stocks last.

After thorough research, we found that the chocolate egg weighs 160g and contains a massive 827 calories!

We’d like to know your thoughts. Would you eat this interesting influx of chocolatey greatness combined with the nations famously loved or hated savoury spread?

Ashleigh’s Money Savers aren’t sure but we’re certainly intrigued…

Buy it here

Image: The Sun



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