Make Your Christmas Shopping Stress Free With These Ten Handy Hacks!

Dreading starting the Christmas shopping this year? These handy tips and tricks will help you to shop a little more easily and savvily this Christmas, so you can save money, be stress free and have more time to enjoy the festive period.

  • Budget

    Make yourself an overall budget of what you want to spend on your Christmas presents and stick to it. By doing this you hopefully won’t spend too much and can have some money left over for other things you might want such as food, decorations, Christmassy days out and boxing day sales.

  • Lists

    Create a list of people you’re buying for and add an ideal spend for each person. Add any present ideas too so you can run and get those first, this will give you more time to browse for presents for others.

  • Shop As You See

    If you spot a perfect gift for someone a little earlier in the year, buy it. It will make your life so much easier and won’t hit your last pay check as hard either when you buy here and there.

  • Store Events

    Take advantage of Christmas store offers. Store’s such as Boots are known for their Christmas offers such as 3 for 2 deals, so look out for event launches, this will help you to buy multiple presents such as gift sets for less.

  • Discount Days

    Look out for special discount days including Cyber Monday and Black Friday. You will be able to get some great discounts on products in store and online.

  • Wish Lists

    If you’re going to be shopping online a lot this year, create a wish list for all of the presents you need for the kids, family and friends. You can update this whenever you like so you won’t forget anything. It means you can search and shop the items direct too.

  • Order Early

    Make sure you order early so that your presents have time to be delivered and you can see what you’ve got in advance incase you’ve missed anything.

  • Leave Cards At Home

    If shopping in store, withdraw the cash you need and leave your card at home. This means you won’t be tempted to spend over your allotted budget.

  • Get Crafty

    Hate shopping altogether? Get crafting and make some presents for people. There’s some great tutorials out there and if you have a specific craft you love, make throughout the year in preparation so you’re not rushing. Many people will appreciate the time and love that has gone in to their gift and they will be receiving something completely bespoke too!

  • Don’t Treat Yourself Too Much

    Remember not to spend on yourself when you’re shopping, we know it’s super tempting but try and stick to your list otherwise it’s very easy to go over your budget. Buy yourself a coffee and mince pie instead to treat yourself when you’re finished shopping! You can always add the things you want for yourself to that wish list for the other half too!

Check out these handy products which will help you get through your Christmas shopping more easily!

Happy Jackson Stuff To Do A6 Notebook
Happy Jackson Stuff To Do A6 Notebook, £7.99

This ‘Stuff To Do‘ notebook will be perfect for writing all of those shopping lists down to keep you organised as you shop!

Erin Tassel Detail Purse
Erin Tassel Detail Purse, £6

This pretty, pink purse will keep your money organised with its with its multiple compartments and card slots. You’ll be able to easily keep on top of  how much you’re spending with this one!

Cooksmart Floral Romance PVC Shoulder Bag
Cooksmart Floral Romance PVC Shoulder Bag, £9.80

This floral shoulder bag will be perfect to pop all of your buys in as you shop! It’s tough PVC material means it will be strong when carrying anything heavy and its floral print looks pretty too!

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