Make your opinion pay!

Make your opinion pay!

It may not seem like it a lot of the time, but your opinion actually counts for quite a lot, enough so that some people are even willing to pay you for it.

There are a growing number of sites at the moment that will pay you to take short surveys on anything from what products you use in your house to where you shop. Most offer between 5p-£1.80 depending on the length of the survey and many will pay out in high street vouchers.

Not just that but simply watching photos and playing games can also earn you money or points that you can then swap for vouchers to spend in a variety of shops. On average people can earn about £10 a month, just in that 10 min journey on the bus to work or that 5 min waiting for your mate.

There have been cases however of people earning up to £700 a year for those that have more time on their hands.

If you start now you can amass a nice tidy sum to put towards Christmas or just save up for something nice for yourself.

You can save up the credit until you reach the minimum limit, it varies from sight to sight and can be £4-£10 and the amount of online and in-store shops grows daily.

Most sites are quite honest about how long the surveys take and you can pick and choose them to suit yourself, the information you want to give and the amount of time you have then and there.

You do need however to read the terms and conditions to make sure that the details you give them are used properly, most are legitimate sites that don’t pass on your contact details to the people doing the surveys but not all are so scrupulous and you might find yourself being spammed to hell if you’re not cautious.

Some of the best sites are:

If however you prefer the big score you could go for the focus group surveys, these are a lot bigger but pay a lot more. You don’t usually have to do them all at once and you are limited to a few a year per site but they do pay a lot more, up to £160 in some cases (these are rare but do happen) sites such as

These are all high paying sites that can take up to 2 hours to complete but are high paying survey sites.

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