Was this man right to blast Vue Cinema after this trip?

Was this man right to blast Vue Cinema after this trip?

Can anyone else remember the days when a trip to the cinema used to only set you back £5? I’m sure when I was a kid it used to be a ‘cheap’ way to fill in a Saturday afternoon, but those days are long gone.

One Father’s message to Vue cinema has gone viral, and not surprisingly as his trip to the cinema ended up costing him a whopping £70.

How did it cost THAT much I hear you ask? Well this is what he wrote in his famous Facebook post:

‘I’m no penny pincher & after been at work all week, when it gets to the weekend I want to do something with my kids but come on vue£5,50 for these, £5,50!!! There must be more than £5 profit in that! Put that with the ticket prices a drink & some sweets for them your looking at £70. That means a man of 25 on national minimum wage has to graft 10hrs to take 2 kids to the cinema for 1.5hrs on his day off. Madness.’


I can see why he was shocked, being a money saver I would point blank refuse to pay those prices. Dean McQuade from York posted the angry rant on Vue cinemas Facebook page.

The post has so far been shared almost 1,000 times, and most of the comments are from other customers relating to the young Father, branding it daylight robbery.

What’s even more annoying is that you can buy a share bag of those tortilla crisps in any supermarket for just 50p!

A customer services representative responded to Dean’s comment, and said the majority of the money taken at the box office goes to the film maker/distributor, so they have to charge premium prices for food and drinks.

What do you guys think? Daylight robbery, or a reasonable price for an afternoon out?

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