Manufacturers Are Cutting Our Portions But Not Our Prices!

Manufacturers Are Cutting Our Portions But Not Our Prices!

Have any of you guys noticed that manufacturers keep on shrinking their products? Fair enough if the price was shrinking considerably too, but that doesn’t seem to be the case!

It looks as though the main culprits of ‘the big shrink’ are the chocolate manufacturers. I remember when Yorkie bars used to be huge! Probably the biggest 5 yorkiepiece chocolate bar you could find back in the day, but they have since shrunk by 10g! Yorkies aren’t the only ones, Dairy Milk bars have shrunk by 2 chunks, Tobelerone bars have shrunk by one triangle and even maltesers are 9 fewer!

So apparently this is all a clever way for the companies to make a bigger profit without having to put prices up. And as the shrinking food ploy becomes more and more common, its not just the chocolate industry that’s clicked on! Check out these products that are all offering us less bang for our buck!

These Tetley blend of both tea bags have been cut down from 80 teabags to 75!



These Cadburys creme egg multi packs are now sold as a pack of 5, but we are still paying the same price as we were when they contained 6!

creme egg

This chart shows the different products which have been slashed in size but not in price, so as you can see we could be being short changed by some of our favourite brands.

comparrisson chart

So by shrinking the quantity of their products, the manufacturers are arguing that they can make more money without raising prices which is good news for them but bad news for the consumers who are left caught short.

Although the changes are a lot better for our waistlines, I’m all about value for money! And apart from that it’s a big risk for for the manufacturers as they risk losing customers!

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