Mars Have Released Maltesers Buttons!

It has been revealed that Mars have released a new line of Maltesers confectionary and they’re set to hit the UK VERY soon!

Maltesers are known for being the family favourite that is always the first to go in a Christmas tin of celebrations, and the perfect snack for eating while on a Netflix binge. Not to mention how amusing they can be- we’ve all tried throwing them in to each others mouths.

After whisperings of the original Maltesers changing shape a couple of weeks ago, and the brand reportedly commenting that it’s “not a bad idea” but their original Maltesers wouldn’t be changing, we were left wondering if we would be enjoying one of our fave confections in a new form.

Well it turns out the whispers were true! Though the original Maltesers are in fact not changing, Mars have released Maltesers Buttons, and we are excited!

Image: My Local-Daily

Convenience store My Local-Daily on Facebook revealed that the new choccies were set to come to the UK this June and they look SO GOOD!

Our favourite Mars chocolate in button form with chips of malt. Don’t they just sounds dreamy?

The news is definitely the best thing since Maltesers Bunnies!

There isn’t yet any information about how much they’ll cost, or anywhere else they will be sold apart from My Local-Daily who announced they would be selling the treat from next month, but hopefully it won’t be long before they’ll be hitting major supermarket shelves!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try the new edition!

Image: My Local- Daily



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