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I don’t know about your kids but if they’re anything like mine, they seem to try and destroy their school uniform at school. They come home covered in paint, felt tip pen, grass stains, food stains – they’re definitely a sight! But, last year I decided to try Matalan school uniforms, and they were so great that I’m buying my kids’ uniforms from there again this year.

My children already wear Matalan clothing and the pieces always last. The uniform lasted the entire school year and not just the first term! I thought I would head there again this year and show you guys what’s available – there’s certainly plenty of choice.

Did you know Matalan now sells Kickers shoes? Perfect if you want school shoes that are durable! I went in-store a few days ago to get some information and photos for you all and decided to start my uniform shopping now rather than leaving it until last minute (like I usually do). Prices start from only £3 (including multipacks), so it’s great value.

Just some of the product benefits you can expect to find in Matalan clothing are;

  • Adjustable Waist
  • Smart Crease
  • Teflon Coated
  • Easy Iron – I love this! No standing for 2 hours on a Sunday evening ironing.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Stretch Fabric
  • Micro-fresh
  • Shower Proof
  • Hand Knitted
  • Longer lasting colour

My oldest child, Jamie, is starting high school this September so he needs a whole new uniform. Most of it is only available directly from the school, but luckily I was able to pick his shirts up from a multipack at Matalan. The shirts are available in slim, regular, and generous fit too.

My daughter, Katie, is heading into year 4 at school so her uniform will be staying the same. The basic white T-shirt, trousers, or skirt and a royal blue cardigan or jumper. She prefers cardigans though because she is a real girly girl.

One of my favourite parts of this uniform is the shoes, they were reduced to £5 in the sale – bargain!

Katie wanted a skirt but I also got her trousers because if the winter is anything like last year she’d freeze wearing a skirt! She opted for the more fitted trousers and they have an elasticised waist which is perfect for comfort. She loves her new uniform and is really pleased with the choice of skirts and dresses. Katie was totally spoilt for choice and it took a while for her to decide which one she wanted.

No matter what colour sweatshirt you need, there is plenty of choice.

Jamie is notorious for getting holes in his school trousers, but last year he had Matalan‘s trousers which withstood whatever test he would put them through during the day. Luckily, last year we had no holes in knees for a change so these trousers are definitely the ones to get.

Footwear is important. You want your child to be comfortable all day long but you want the best support for their growing feet. Matalan has everything from cute slide on pumps to Kickers – which every child seems to want this year!

There is a huge selection of lunch bags and boxes to choose from. Obviously with this unicorn trend right now, Katie chose a unicorn packed lunch bag that also comes with a water bottle. Lunch bags in the range include My Little Pony, Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, Angry Birds, and many more.

Overall, I think Matalan is a great choice for school uniforms. The quality is fantastic and just as durable as last year. Prices are competitive, and the uniforms look smart. It’s the perfect way to get your kids kitted out for the new term!

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