McDonalds employee forced to take her baby to work!

McDonalds employee forced to take her baby to work!

Concerns for the amount of childcare working mothers have access to have been raised after a baby was left sitting in the back of McDonalds kitchen whilst the mother worked her shift.

The employee of the Cambridge branch reportedly could not organise childcare in time for her shift.

According to the Independent, the baby boy was seen sitting in his high-chair at the back of a branch eating a McDonalds meal placed between a fire extinguisher and a bin.

Jesse Wright, 22 who took the photograph of the tot and then put it on Twitter told the Independent: ‘To my surprise there was a young baby sitting in a high-chair eating a McDonald’s meal which appeared to be right next to the hot counters. As soon as I was noticed taking this picture, the McDonald’s staff quickly took the child and highchair away.’


The photo has understandably caused concern for many people, with lot’s complaining about the amount of childcare working mothers are entitled to.

A spokesperson for McDonalds has said: ‘It is understood that the baby’s mother, whose childcare had fallen through, was then sent home. It has been made very clear to the restaurant team that this is wholly unacceptable. We are a family-friendly employer and have a number of policies in place to support parents and carers. We understand the difficulty of balancing childcare with employment, but it is never acceptable to bring a child into the kitchen and this has been reiterated to those involved. Our managers will always endeavour to support employees with their schedules, and we encourage employees to talk to the restaurant manager directly to discuss their individual circumstances.’

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