McDonalds Hack: Get A Big Mac And Fries For £1.99 – Unlimited Times!

Everyone loves McDonalds! It’s the go-to remedy for keeping the kids busy on a Saturday, or fixing a hangover on a Sunday morning. McDonalds is affordable anyway, but there’s recently been a new menu hack discovered which lets you get a medium Big Mac Meal (usually £4.49) for just £1.99! By savvily using this trick, you can get this deal unlimited times.

Here’s how to do it:


  1. Buy any item from McDonalds and make sure you keep the receipt. Keep the cost down further by buying a cheaper item such as an ice cream or a drink.
  2. At the top of your receipt it’ll say “Tell Us How We Did” alongside a URL for the Food For Thoughts website, as well as a code to input to identify your receipt.
  3. Go to the site, enter your code and and fill out the survey about your customer experience.
  4. Once you’ve finished the survey you’ll receive a five digit number. Write this number on your old receipt, and it immediately becomes a voucher for your £1.99 Big Mac and fries!
  5. Give your voucher to the cashier.

The really great thing about this McDonalds hack is you can use it time and time again! You just have to make a single purchase of any item on the menu, and then follow the steps above. You could even use the receipt you get from your £1.99 Big Mac, to get another £1.99 Big Mac! Don’t worry if you don’t like Big Macs, you can also use this hack to get a Filet-o-Fish or a Veggie Deluxe.

There isn’t any expiry date on your voucher either, but you can’t just write any random 5-digit number on your receipt as the codes are trackable.

Could this hack make you even happier than a traditional Happy Meal? We think so!

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