McDonald’s Have FINALLY Added More Veggie Options To The Menu

If you’re a veggie and love a McDonald’s, well today is a big day, because the fast food chain have expanded their meat-free menu!

If you love a good Maccies but are a little tired of eating the same Vegetable Deluxe every time you visit, you’ll probably be super excited to hear about their new releases which come in the form of wraps!

The exciting Spicy Veggie Wrap consists of two red pesto goujons, spicy tomato relish, lettuce and red onion in a toasted tortilla.

We think it sounds delish!

It’s not too bad on the calories front either and will set you back just £2.99.

If you’re a big fan of the Spicy Vegetable Deluxe, sadly it is being replaced by the new wrap, though the standard Vegetable Deluxe will still be available.

Have kids who are veggies too? Finally you’ll be able to treat them to a Happy Meal so they can join in with their meat eating friends.


Instead of chicken nuggets or a burger, kids can alternatively enjoy a Veggie Wrap instead, which like a standard Happy Meal also includes a side, drink, and toy too.

It’s the first vegetarian option for little ones on the menu, and it looks like a tasty first addition!

The kids Veggie Wrap consists of a red pesto breaded goujon, ketchup and lettuce in a toasted tortilla and costs the same as a standard Happy Meal at just £2.49.

Mind, if you’re not veggie and just think you’re choosing the meat-free wrap as a healthier alternative for the kids, think again! The wrap is thought to actually be higher in calories than the meaty options at 209 in comparison to 4 chicken nuggets at 173.

The fast food chain have worked with the Vegetarian Society to to create the tasty new alternatives.

It is thought that the wraps could technically be classed as vegan and dairy free, but unfortunately they are prepared in the same toaster as foods that do contain milk.

Are you excited to try the new veggie additions?

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