McDonald’s Is Launching A New Bacon Buttie To Rival KFC

The Sun exclusively found that McDonald’s is launching a bacon buttie to compete against their rivals, KFC

The new bacon buttie is said to be cloaked in a sourdough roll and inside features three ‘crispy rashers of bacon’.

There is also the option of adding extra rashers of bacon if customers choose to do so.

McDonald’s rival, KFC, launched its bulky bacon burger last month and hopes to hit the top spot for customers.

The bun is priced at £2.79, which makes it cheaper than competitors such as Greggs and Costa Coffee.

The bacon buttie will be available from Wednesday 26th June, as part of the new summer menu at McDonald’s.

The new menu is said to be a lighter option, which will include chicken salad and an array of wraps. Yum!

Tickling your tastebuds? Will you be heading to McDonald’s to munch on this new option?

Image: McDonald’s/KFC
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