McDonalds Is Pulling Out All The Stops As Sales Fall!

McDonalds Is Pulling Out All The Stops As Sales Fall!

McDonalds really seems to be pulling out all the stops as sales are falling, but do you think they are going a bit TOO far now?

I can understand them trialling the gourmet breakfast menu, but now they are beginning to offer table service to their UK customers.

The trial is underway in Manchester chains at the moment. Customers choose their seat and use a fixed computer tablet to place their order which is then brought to their table.

The service is already available in Australia, Switzerland, France and Germany. If it is successful here then it will most likely be rolled out nationwide.

A spokesperson for McDonalds UK said: “To meet customers’ evolving expectations we are investing in our restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience. We are testing some new concepts, such as table service, whereby customers place their order via our new digital kiosks and then have their food brought to them. It is currently on test in our Mottram restaurant in Greater Manchester, but with plans to increase the trial over the coming month. It’s an idea that has been successfully launched in other McDonald’s markets including France, Germany and Australia, and we are keen to see if it will prove as popular with customers in the UK.”

The drop in sales revenue comes as McDonalds struggles to increase profits due to growing customer choice and it seems as though they really are pulling out all of the stop!

CLICK HERE to see McDonalds gourmet breakfast menu!

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