McDonalds & KFC Bans under 18’s

McDonalds & KFC Bans under 18’s

I was slightly shocked to read that KFC and McDonalds have both taken action to ban under 18’s from entering the premises when unaccompanied by an adult.

It sounds like desperate measures, but that’s what two fast food reseraunts in Stoke- on – Trent have been forced to do.

One KFC resteraunt and a nearby McDonalds will only allow under 18’s to enter the resteraunt to order their food to takeaway, they will not be allowed to eat inside in a bid to prevent teen gangs from fighting on the premises. 

KFC Manager Liam Dalgarno has said: ‘The way some of these youngsters act can be scary for staff. People shouldn’t have to experience that.’

‘Under-18s are not strictly banned from the premises, they can come in to order their meal but then they have to take it out.’

‘A minority had been causing trouble. Really they only came in for the Wi-Fi but we have reduced the distance of it so now it only reaches the doors.’

KFC have 900 resteraunts in the UK but this is the only one to impose the ban on its customers.

The stores were experiencing problems with teen gangs on a daily basis and the ban was put in place mainly to protect the staff and to ensure they feel safe whilst at work.

Officers in the area had recently arrested eight people and seized two firearms after a fight broke out in the nearby McDonalds.

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