McDonald’s Are Launching New Mini McFlurry’s & They’re Less Than 60p!

If you love to treat yourself to a McFlurry on a hot summers day, or like to buy one as a dessert when you pick up a meal, then you’ll probably be excited about the brands latest release!

The fast food chain has announced that it is to release the Mini McFlurry, which is perfect for those times when you want something sweet but are just a bit full for a whole one, or if you have kids who can’t manage the standard size one themsleves.

The Mini McFlurry’s are certainly cute, with their packaging which looks to be about half the size of a standard pot.

They still come in the same core flavours including; Dairy Milk, Oreo, and Crunchie, and also come in the newly released classic summer flavour of Flake Chocolate and Flake Raspberry.


The standard flavours will cost just 59p, which is great for if you fancy a sweet treat but don’t have enough change in the car for a full sized McFlurry.

Of course you will be able to get limited edition flavours too, but they will cost a bit more at 89p.

Unfortunately, like most good things there is a catch, and sadly the catch with these McFlurry’s is that they’re only here for summer, so will only be sticking around ’til 7th August.

So if you wanna try them, you’d best be fast!

We’ve got our eye on the new Flake Raspberry flavour already!

Images: McDonald’s
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