McDonalds Monopoly 2016 UK

McDonalds Monopoly 2016 UK

That’s right, the much-loved McDonalds monopoly promotion is returning for 2017. You will once again have the chance to win yourself some great prizes from the fast food restaurant. This year the promotion is going to run from 22nd March to 2nd May 2017.

To most people, McDonalds is something you get as a treat. However, visiting just once while the promotion is running, allows you the chance to win something.

Whenever this promotion runs millions of prizes were won. Some of the prizes you could win last year ranged from small things, like Big Macs or a Mcflurry, to much larger prizes, like a car or even £100,000.

The instant prizes, the burgers and Mcflurrys, are dependent on what size meal you order. The prizes on two stickers medium item are smaller than large items. The medium only give you side orders. Whereas, the large items allow you to get burgers.

Medium items have two stickers and large have three.

However, the big prizes, the car and money, are not exclusive to large items. You can get the special properties on medium items.

You need to be 16+ and a resident of UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands. To win one of the larger prizes you need to find all the properties on a block (Full set of colours). From there, head to the web address on the sticker and complete the form and wait to receive you prize. You cannot claim a large prize from the restaurants. However, to claim instant prizes you will need go into one of the restaurants to claim the prize.

Rare property list…

Old Kent Road – Extra value meal –  1 million available.

EUSTON ROAD M803 – £30 voucher 8,000 available (I’ve won this one!)

NORTHUMBERL’D AVE M807 – KitSound Wireless Speaker 2,000available

BOW STREET M808 – £250 Red Letter Days voucher – 800 available

Liverpool Street Station – NOW TV Box and 1 Year Pass – 10,000 available

Strand – Games Console – 500 available

Coventry Street – £1500 Airtours Holiday Voucher – 140 available

Bond Street – Mini Cooper – 15 available

Mayfair – £100,000 cash – 4 available

Some of these prizes have instant wins. Therefore, you get the prize without having to find all the properties on a block.

Full prize list here…

Or perhaps you just want bargains on Monopoly board games – I have that covered too 😀

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