The Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Stickers You Don’t Wanna Throw Away

Didn’t get an instant win with your Big Mac? Double check that pack before binning it. You might have one of the rarest stickers, and could win big!

McDonald’s Monopoly stickers are often thrown away if they’re not an instant win, but you could be chucking away £100,000 if you’re not careful.

Here are the most rare McDonald’s Monopoly stickers this year:

  • Mayfair 

This sticker can get you £100,000 in cash! There are only four available.

  • Bond Street

Fancy winning a Mini Cooper? Of course you do! There are 20 Bond Street stickers hanging around waiting to be found.

  • Coventry Street

There are 20 chances up for grabs to win a holiday to Universal Orlando!

  • Strand

There are 100 instant wins available from these 500 stickers – including Xbox One X consoles.

  • Marlborough Street

With 1,200 of these stickers available, you have a pretty good chance of finding one! There are 400 instant wins up for grabs.

  • Northumberland Avenue

There’s 3,000 pink Northumberland Avenue stickers available, with 1,000 instant wins.

  • Euston Road

Love McDonalds? You’ve got a good chance of getting a Euston Road sticker if you visit often. There are 14,600 stickers available, with 2,600 instant wins.

  • Liverpool Street Station

This black sticker is on 13,000 McDonalds boxes, including 3,000 instant wins.

  • Old Kent Road

Win a McDonald’s medium extra value if you find one of these stickers!

Some McDonald’s Monopoly stickers are instant wins. For instance, if you win a free McFlurry, you can pick it up straight away! Other Monopoly stickers are collectible, so you need to find all 3 to claim a prize.

Happy hunting!

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