McVities To Reduce Digestive Packs By How Much?

Bad news for die hard Digestive lovers, McVities are set to shrink the size of their packets of biscuits!

The firm that owns McVities biscuits have unfortunately announced they are to decrease the size of their packets of biscuits by 100g, that’s 7 biscuits!

Image: Tesco

So instead of 34 biscuits you’ll be getting 27 instead!

The company has blamed the shrinkage on a rise in costs due to the fall in the value of Sterling since the leave vote for Brexit back in 2016.

Along with the smaller packs, the biscuit brand will be changing its prices per pack too. So instead of paying £1.25, you’ll now be paying 10p less at £1.15, although prices are still at the retailers discretion.

You can expect to see the smaller packs hitting the shelves at the end of the month.

So although you’ll get to pay less for your favourite biscuits from this January, unfortunately you’ll be getting less biscuits for your pennies from now on too.

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