Meet The Team

It’s time you all got to meet the team…

After nearly 5 years of working on Ashleigh Money Saver, Ashleigh decided to leave in 2018 to follow her passion as a beautician. Today the Ashleigh Pages and website are run by a group of Mums who love a bargain and work hard every day to bring you the very best deals available from all of your favourite retailers – both online and on the high street… We remain in touch with Ashleigh and wish her every success in the future.


Nicola helps hunt down the best bargains for the page… She also has a never-ending supply of chewing gum on her desk for some reason 🙂


Aimee finds and posts a lot of the deals on the Facebook page. She is definitely the wild one in this office and keeps us amused with her random conversation topics…


Emily is our social butterfly and makes sure our posts are reaching as many of you as possible. She is also the grammar police in the office and keeps us all correct and sounding clever 🙂 Emilie always has a perfect face of make up everyday, we are all super jealous!



Sam enjoys reminiscing… He is stuck in 1993 and his favourite night club was Planet Earth… When he gets his head in the game and into 2015 he’s in charge of PR and marketing.


Gary – Peter Andre’s No.1 fan, no seriously! When Gary isn’t singing Mysterious Girl you will find him doing all the boring business side of Ashleigh Money Saver


Warrick looks after the relationships with all the retailers and negotiates some of our amazing competition prizes and exclusive offers. Warrick was very quiet when he first started, not surprising having to sit opposite Aimee lol, he now comes out with some cracking one-liners and keeps Aimee in line.





A few photos from our ‘team building’ nights out and ‘normal’ days in the office 

group Redu’s first team photo

guys We won the first award we had been nominated for.

6 We won another award! Our latest team photo 😀 


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