Megabus Has Been BANNED From Advertising Their £1 Seats & Here’s Why…

We all know trains can be super expensive, so budget bus service Megabus can be a saviour for getting us to where we need to be for as little as £1! Or so we thought.

The coach company has been reportedly banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after Megabus admitted that there has only been one £1 ticket available to buy for some journeys.

The authority deemed the “fares from £1” advert as unfair if customers were unlikely to get the tickets.

The ban was sparked by two customers who were searching for the discount tickets and found that there were none at £1 available to buy at all.

The ASA found that just 4% of tickets on the Aberystwyth to Birmingham route and 3% of tickets on the London to Bath route were actually available to buy at just £1.

The company has reportedly been told that unless there were a significant amount of tickets for the £1 price tag, that they wouldn’t be allowed to advertise the £1 tickets.

Megabus said that the cheap tickets were more accessible to people who booked their tickets at more than 4 weeks in advance and said in a statement; “While we will continue to offer seats from £1, in line with recommendations from the ASA, we have decided to focus our marketing on the great value that all fares offer, along with welcome extras such as on board wi-fi and charging points.”

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