Why messy bedrooms could be good for our kids.

Why messy bedrooms could be good for our kids.

If you have teenage aged children then I can imagine it can be quite frustrating trying to get them to tidy their messy bedrooms all of the time, however, new research is telling us that it could be a good idea to allow them to be messy.

New research conducted by Homebase’s ‘life improvement’ campaign found that only 69% of teenagers feel that they are truly relaxed at home. 3 in 10 teenagers feel that they can’t even unwind in their own beds.

The Telegraph states: ‘Sounding a note of optimism for teenagers is the rise of the “third space” dedicated to their needs – somewhere that’s not a bedroom or shared living area. Whether it’s the conversion of an old playroom or the creation of new space in the loft or garden, teenagers are learning how to be adults by being entrusted with more territory of their own.’

So there we have it, if we can’t bear to let our kids live in messy bedrooms then we should be giving them a shed in the bottom of our gardens to let them relax and unwind in. An area out of the way that they can really do what they like with.

I’d hate to think that a constant need for a tidy house would be making children feel uncomfortable in their own homes, but is a third space somewhere out of the way the answer? Somehow that sounds even MORE daunting than a forever messy bedroom.

So do you agree that kids should be allowed to have messy bedrooms or do you completely disagree with what this new found research is trying to tell parents. The research has ruffled a few feathers of parents. Some strongly feel that children should have to abide by their parents rules whilst living under their roofs, while others agree that we need to make space for them to be as messy and as comfortable as they’d like.

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