Microsoft Have Double Billed Some Xbox Users & Here’s How To Check If You’re Affected

Microsoft have revealed that they may have double-billed some of their Xbox customers, so if you are a keen gamer, or have a child or partner who is, you’ll probably want to know if you’ve been affected.

The brand believes that the double-charge could have occurred over the past few months and will be giving refunds to those affected.

The entertainment brand doesn’t know exactly which subscriptions are affected by the charge, so have set up a refund-checker so you can find out if you need a refund or not.

One of the subscriptions that seems to be affected most though, is the paid EA Access membership.

It’s thought people may have been charged for overlapped subscriptions.

By using this Microsoft Refund Tool, you should be able to see immediately if your subscription has overlapped, and you will get an email stating if you’re entitled to a refund.

After that, you just have to confirm the refund and the payment method you would like the money sent back to.

If you’d prefer the money back as credit on to your Microsoft Account to spend on your Xbox, you can do that too!

It’s quick and as easy as pie!

Check if you’re eligible for a refund HERE!

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