Millions of groceries dumped at self checkouts

Millions of groceries dumped at self checkouts

This does not surprise me at all if I’m honest…

This is costing supermarket £486b a year in lost sales

I HATE self checkouts. I think they were designed to be faster for us but that dreaded ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ always leaves me looking like a crazy lady when I start mumbling away angrily. Plus, I like to keep check out assistants in their job so i’ll use a checkout as often as I can.

However, a new study has found that Over £486billion worth of products are abandoned in the bagging area of self-scan machines every year.

Over half of the population of Briton doesn’t like self scan machines and 34% of them abandon around 3 items each a month at the machines.

The top reasons for abandoning items at self check outs included;

  • The queues were too long or too slow and they didn’t want to wait – 64%
  • They couldn’t get assistance from staff -62%
  • It wouldn’t scan on the system and they got frustrated – 55%
  • They decided I no longer needed the item – 49%
  • The item didn’t fit into their carrier bag – 23%

Vouchercloud said:

“The average shopper abandoned £2.34’s worth of items every month, spread out over three items. With the Office of National Statistics stating there are currently 50,909,098 Britons aged 18 and over in the UK,that equates to 17,309,093 Britons who find themselves regularly abandoning purchases at self-scan. With the average cost per Briton totalling £2.34 per month, that’s £40,503,277.62 in sales abandoned in supermarkets per month – or £486,039,331.44 per year in abandoned purchases and supermarket lost sales.”

Do these results surprise you?

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