Mind blowing tips for moving house you’ll never of thought of!

Mind blowing tips for moving house you’ll never of thought of!

Are you thinking of moving house any time soon? If so then you may want to have a look over these tips that I have come across! Follow each of these in order to save yourself a world of stress when it comes to transporting your whole life from one house to another! 

Take a photo of the electrics!

I’d never of thought of this in a million years but it’s such an amazing idea! Are you rubbish at wiring up electrics? Before you pack everything away, use your phone to take a photo of the plugs and how everything is put together, that way when you come to moving all of you electronics your problems will be solved! 

Re-directing post!

The issue of post often goes unsolved for many people who move house, but not any more! Leave some stamped envelopes with your new address on it so the new tenants can easily forward it on to you!

The clothes hanger trick 

Unpacking should be a doddle now you’ve mastered this! Whilst your clothes are hanging up in you wardrobe, slide your clothes into bin liners whilst they are still hanging on the rail, this way you can keep them altogether and when you get to your new home you can hang them straight back up, zero effort needed!

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Pack an overnight bag

This may sound obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how useful it is! Pack a small overnight bag with all of your essentials in for at least a couple of nights! Once you do get to your new home there’s a strong chance that the last thing you’re going to feel like doing is sifting through heaps and heaps of boxes just to find a pair of P.J’s or your make-up. At least if it’s all in one place and easy to access you’ll at least be able to save yourself a little bit of stress! 

Do your last big shop two weeks before

The last thing you want is lots of food going to waste, but at the same time you cant take it all with you so the best thing to do is do your big shop two weeks before hand so you definitely have enough time to consume it before the big move. Anything you run out of just try and buy as you go rather than stocking up on things or buying in bulk since you’ll only end up putting it in the bin! 


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