Mind Blowing Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Aircon

Mind Blowing Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Aircon

So with Summer just around the corner, and the weather finally starting to shape up, you might be struggling to keep your home cool without turning the air conditioning on. Air conditioning uses energy which can be expensive. So try following a few of these useful tips to help you stay cool and keep your bills down at the same time.

Chill Out

Table fans are a great way of keeping your home cool in the warm weather. Try putting a bottle of frozen water in front of it whilst it’s blowing for an extra cold breeze!


Limit The Use Of The Oven 

Using the stove to cook and bake can cause your home to heat up rapidly. This is one of the main reasons I turn to sandwiches, cold salads and other cool foods in the summer. Use your crockpot for hot meals and to help keep heat in your kitchen to a minimum. Remember to switch your cookies for ice lollies too!


Cover window with mini blinds and curtains 

For those who have direct sunlight on their homes and windows without shade, this is one way to help cut back on energy costs. If this doesn’t have a big enough affect on cooling your house down, then try investing in some reflecting film to go on your windows this should help keep the heat of the sun out.

Plant A Tree

If there is one side of your house that gets more sun than the other, the plant trees on the unprotected side. This way your home will be hidden away from the suns rays. 


Upgrade Your Insulation

This investment can be costly, but the long term, it could be worth it. Upgrading insulation in your home can cut your utility costs in half. By upgrading it, it could keep you from needing your air conditioning as often as it will keep your home cooler. It will also help to keep your home warmer in the winter!


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