Minecraft Education Pack Helping Kids Learn In Quarantine

If your kids are obsessed with playing Minecraft, this is a sure fire way of getting them to study while the schools are closed due to coronavirus.

It can be really hard to motivate kids to do their school work, especially when they feel like they’re effectively on holiday, but thanks to Microsoft and Mojang, motivating our kids might be a little easier!

The tech companies have released a number of FREE lessons to help educate kids through entertaining online classes.

These Minecraft lessons originate from the Education Edition of Minecraft, which some schools use to teach kids in their own classes.

There are 10 lessons that you can download for your kids to enjoy, and they can all be found on the Minecraft Marketplace via the Education category.

A replica of the International Space Station, a robot-aided coding course, a tour of Washington D.C. landmarks, marine biology, and Greek history are just some of the themes that you can expect to find in these exciting downloadable classes.

Mojang said that the Minecraft worlds include everything from creative writing to building challenges and puzzles too!

These nifty lessons from the gaming giant are sure to make our kids want to get up and learn!

If you can’t wait to get your kids started, the Minecraft lessons are now live and can be downloaded for FREE up until the 30th June 2020.

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