Minecraft to be given to every secondary school!

Minecraft to be given to every secondary school!

Minecraft has been an absolute hit with children (and adults) all over the world!

It’s also been a hit with parents due to it’s emphasis on problem solving and creativity skills, so it’s no surprise that schools are finally starting to jump on the bandwagon.

Can you believe Microsoft and the government have teamed up to put Minecraft into every secondary school in Northern Ireland!


This is a special edition of the game, MinecraftEdu, which is designed specifically for schools with additions that are more appropriate for classroom use.

This version of Minecraft is already in use by thousands of teachers who use it to teach aspects of core subjects like art, history and physics. With the current emphasis on learning coding skills from primary school, and equipping children for the rapidly developing job market this could engage children who struggle with traditional teaching methods.

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