Misleading offer from EE?

You may remember a while ago when the UK went crazy for EE’s offer of a ‘Free’ Power Bar?

Well, it now seems that this was a misleading offer from EE…

A Power Bar is a handy little piece of equipment that can be used to charge your phone on the go.

Customers on the mobile networks EE, T-Mobile and Orange with a contract of any length were entitled to the ‘free’ power bar, they just had to send a text, which cost 37p, to their network provider which they then showed in store and they were given a power bar.

While I agree it is always a good idea to read the T&C’s, the power bar was advertised EVERYWHERE with no mention of any catch. So as myself and many other money savers spread the word about this great freebie, we done so thinking we were all getting a great bargain…

It turns out that in the T&C’s the power bar is actually on hire purchase from EE.

This means that if you cancel your contract with EE then you have 60 days to return the power bar or they will add a £5 charge onto your bill. 

Or if you damage or lose your power bar, whether it was intentional or not, you will have to pay £5 to cover the cost of replacing it and you will not be given another!

You can buy the charges from as little as £3 elsewhere or the exact same ones are available to buy from EE for £20. So £5 is a good deal for a power bar but it should have been more clear when signing up for this.

If you would still like to go ahead with getting your ‘free’ power bar then see this post here…

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