M&M’s Just Launched Peanut M&M Ice Creams & They’re Less Than £2!

If you’re a massive fan of peanut butter M&M’s, you’ll definitely want to try this new summer treat by the brand. It’s sure to become your new favourite!

M&M’s have just released a brand new ice cream, and it sound just as amazing as you’d imagine!

Like the famous chocolate treats, the ice creams are covered in a crisp milk chocolate shell and feature yummy chunks of peanut and M&M’s throughout.

They are surprisingly the first M&M ice creams to be released in the UK, so they’re sure to be popular!

What’s even better is that you’ll be able to snap them up for as little as £1.76 each.

If you’re looking to try the delicious new ice creams, you may have to wait a little while as they don’t seem to have hit supermarkets just yet, but it’s thought that convenience shops such as McColl’s are currently stocking them.

We’re predicting that these new treats are going to be just as addictive as their sweet counterpart this summer!

Image: M&M’s/ The Sun
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