M&M’s Launched ‘Mini Eggs’ & They’re Already Hitting Shelves!

If you’re a massive M&M’s fan, and practically live on Mini Eggs in Spring time, this is sure to be your best Easter yet!

M&M’s have just launched Easter’s new must-have chocolate treat, and they come in the form of eggs!

Think Mini Eggs with a seriously crunchy, pastel toned shell, and that classic M&M’s milk chocolate that we love.

What’s even better is that they come in share size bags too (though who really shares them?) and they’re available from all leading supermarkets!

There’s three share size bags too including an 80g bag priced at just £1, a 250g bag for £2.50, and a large 315g bag for a pound more at £3.50.

Sadly, if you’re a big fan of the peanut or crispy variety of M&M’s, the eggs are currently only available in original flavour.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try the new treat, though we have to admit, we feel like it may be a little too early for Easter themed chocolate!


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