Mobile phone companies doubled the charge for 118 numbers

Mobile phone companies doubled the charge for 118 numbers

USwitch have discovered that a string of mobile phone providers have hiked their charges for calls to numbers starting 084, 087, 09 or 118

The comparison site warned that consumers could find themselves paying more to vote on Tv shows etc …

‘USwitch found that some providers have nearly doubled their access charges recently. It said that Three, which contacted customers this week, will impose an 80% increase on its charge from November 3, meaning the access charge will jump from 25p to 45p.’

The changes mean that, for example, if a Three customer calls the Strictly Come Dancing vote line from November 3, the call could now be 60p per minute, instead of 40p previously, uSwitch said.’

This is definitely something to be aware of as the last thing we need is added expenses on our phone bill.

There are always cheaper alternatives when dialling 08 numbers, for example the WeQ4U app lets you dial expensive numbers through their app and they show up on your phone bill as a normal 03 number, meaning there shouldn’t be any added cost.

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