Money saving Christmas party ideas

Money saving Christmas party ideas

Do you host an annual Christmas/ New Year party for all of your friends and family? Or maybe It’s your first time being a host and you’re looking for some money saving tips and tricks. Well I’ve got you covered. Here are my top five money saving party ideas to help you host a night to remember without having to break the bank!

Bring in a co-host!

Arrange to co-host your party with a good friend. This takes away half of the stress and adds double the fun. If you’re both chipping in for your party supplies then this means you can get more for less. If people ask you what they can bring, you could try assigning different guests different items (or different kinds of alcohol) that can be offered to all guests.

Consider the designated drivers

If you are planning on hitting the town and painting the town red after your party, remember taxi’s are always expensive over the Christmas period … and often hard to come by if you don’t book far enough in advance. Consider downloading the Uber app. They are much cheaper than taxis and you get £10 free credit to use when you first download it. No cash is needed as you pre-pay via card. Alternatively, you can hunt down the designated drivers and ask if they’ll help out.


Stress the theme of Bring Your Own Booze. Providing your guests booze never works out. You can’t please everyone, and people will only turn up with their own anyway just to be safe. This means a waste of booze and a waste of money on your part! Only fend for yourself in the alcohol department.

Make sure you get the cheapest finger food

By all means put on a spread, but make sure you are getting the best prices on your finger food. Compare prices of the supermarket top dogs over on My Supermarket so you can start saving.

Party Outfits

Yes I understand you want to look your absolute best for your big night, but a recent survey by , NetVoucherCodes found that British women blow an average £370 on a new outfit and a hairdo to look good for the annual Christmas shindig. This is waaaay too much for just one night! Lots of places have great sales on, not just after Christmas, but in the run up too! Don’t rule out the bargains!

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